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Songs of Retribution

Songs of Retribution

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Series: The Siren's Call

Book: 4 of 4

When treacherous waters lead to darker shadows, alliances must be forged.


I was on pins and needles after the cliffhanger in the last book. I don’t want to give anything away, but there was a lot of angst, hope, tears, and struggles in this book. A lot breath holding while I sped through the words to see what was going to befall Sai, Lira, Lennox, Shaan, Luz, Neia, Elisa, and Orman next. Lucky readers who just discover it now when the series is complete!


When treacherous waters lead to darker shadows, alliances must be forged.

On the heels of personal tragedy, tensions rise and the destiny of the fairy realms hang in the balance. As the fae courts weigh the risks of joining the Prasanna, friendships are lost and bonds are broken.

As battle lines are drawn, and coalitions are formed, Sai and his team find themselves bound to a destiny that could change their world forever.

In Songs of Retribution, love and sacrifice intertwine in this final, explosive installment of the Siren’s Call series.

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Water swallowed me down, tumbling me along the bottom of the river so my arms and legs slammed into sticks and rocks. I winced but tried to hold my breath and fight the torrent. My fingers brushed over my pocket where I’d secured the Prasanna heart stone Elisa and I found on the island.

I couldn’t drown here. Elisa needed me, the Prasanna required this stone, my sister stood alone without me, my people relied on me, and Shaan wanted me.


He waited on the beach with a ship that would take us away from here and back home.

Not that I knew what home meant anymore. I wasn't the man I'd been when I left mine last time. However, there were people who needed me—who loved me—and I refused to drown here.

My lungs grew tight, I released the last of my breath, and water rushed into my mouth, the gritty bitterness of it flooding my tongue and choking me. My hands scrambled out, trying to find anything to snag onto, to fight the tide. But the current crashed into my back and pounded me into debris before dragging me down.

Oh God, I was going to drown here on this island in the middle of nowhere. I didn't even know if Lira was navigating the Seelie court well, but I suspected she would run into trouble.

I couldn’t die. Not here. Not when she still needed me.

The river continued its relentless plowing, drowning, pulsing—like the water I’d manipulated on the ship. The realization slammed into me harder than the torrent. My elemental magic could connect to water. I sucked in more silt at the thought but called to my powers. The zevar at my throat hummed.

With a burst of energy, the river exploded away from me, the body of it rushing over me like a bridge. Even the pouring rain veered away. I choked up muddy water and gripped my fingers into the marshy bottom of the empty river as my knees sank into it. A fish flopped helplessly on the ground, and I struggled to get to my feet.

My clothes adhered to me. They’d grown filthy and sun-bleached during our voyage on the pirate ship, and now the collar hung down, revealing the golden skin of my chest. After another round of coughing, I wrung the shirt out, stepped onto the bank, and slipped my boots off to let more mucky river water spill out. I surrendered my hold on the magic, and the river dropped into its trough again, crashing before violently winding down the mountain.

It took several minutes of focusing on my breathing as the rain pounded my back before I mustered the energy to trundle along the path, following the water that jerked down the valley. Wind slammed into me in gusts that made it hard to keep my footing, and I braced against vines and eased down the mountain.

Something cracked, snagging my attention. A tree veered towards me. I stumbled back a step as it slammed into the path so fast I had to jump back to miss it. I trembled but climbed over it and kept moving. I needed to reach Elisa and Shaan. The world was a blur of violent grays, leaves rushing by and nicking my cheeks.

God damn it, this was a typhoon. It had to be.

That would be my damn luck.


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