• Kelsey


    I am a book binger and took 3 weeks off reading ANY books after finishing this one. I was just not ready to let go of that world. I’m actually STILL processing it. If you are a Sarah J. Maas fan, you will love Nicole Bailey’s works!

  • Scott R.


    I devoured this series in almost one sitting. Nicole writes these books in such a way that you just get entranced by the story, forgetting reality around you for the moment. This author has my full praise.

  • Sarah


    I can honestly say this is in my top 3 books of all time! I ate, slept, drank this book. It’s magical. Period. It’s perfect. So very perfect!

About the Author

Nicole Bailey is a writer of diverse fantasy series based on worldwide mythology and folklore.

​When she's not writing she's probably tucked behind a book, on a hiking trail with friends, playing card games with her family, gardening, listening to musical theater, or wishing she was doing one of the above.