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A Spark of Death and Fury

A Spark of Death and Fury

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Series: Apollo Ascending

Book: 4 of 4

The world is on fire. 
But one thing burns hotter. 


This book is amazing, an amazing finale! My heart is definitely broken. I can't believe it's over. The characters in this one are the same Legendary!! I'm trying so hard not to add spoilers to this. So without revealing too much I am 100 percent trapped in my feelings right now !! May need some time to recover. This series is epic, emotional and glorious.



The world is on fire. 
But one thing burns hotter. 

The high gods have fallen.
The spark is gone.
And chaos is the new king.

Amidst a scrabble to survive, gods step up to steal Zeus’ place. The treachery they cause pushes characters' moral boundaries and forces them into one last fight for survival.

A blaze of wrath may save them all or finally lead to their ruin.

A Spark of Death and Fury is the riveting fourth installment of the Apollo Ascending series, full of love, heartbreak, and unexpected turns wrapped in an explosive finale.

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And fire.

And golden light.

My skin ached, and my mouth was so dry I struggled to peel my lips apart.

I had always wondered where the gods went when they died. I knew it wasn’t the underworld like mortals.

Apparently, I’d landed in some hell made of abrasive dust and living flame.

A fitting punishment for a sun god.

I longed for water. A glass of it. A drop.

I’d trade my soul for a single taste.

I moaned and shifted, the gritty ground below me scratching my flesh. 

The idea of eternity weighed on me.

I’d once thought being stuck as the god of the sun would make for a long ass existence. 

Or losing Hyacinth.

My heart ached.

I’d lost him.


But he was safe.

And that was enough for me.

I closed my eyes and drifted off into a heat-infused nightmare.


🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Romance

⚡️ Gods at War

💔 Tragic Romances

 🫂 Found Family

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