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Faye and the World's End

Faye and the World's End

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Series: Faye and the Ether

Book: 3 of 5

There is no escape from the storm that’s coming. 


Every book in this series just keeps getting better and better, although I get more nervous for my favorite characters as time goes on. Overall, this is just such an underrated series and I wish that more people would pick it up! I cannot wait for the next book!


A god fighting his fate. A prince burdened with secrets. And a romance that could end in flames.

Apollo is a deity… almost. Half mortal and refusing to take his position as god of the sun, he spends his nights drowning out haunting memories and his days avoiding responsibilities.

Until his father forces him into an ultimatum:

Ascend immediately.

Or spend the year mentoring under the obnoxious Prince Hyacinth.

Forced together, Apollo and Hyacinth grapple with their mutual disdain for each other.

But what starts as a kindling of irritation begins to burn into something new. A spark that, if it turns to flame, could incinerate everything they’ve always protected.

A reimagining of the Greek myth of Apollo and Prince Hyacinth, this NA, enemies-to-lovers fantasy series is a whirlwind journey full of romance, intrigue, and enthralling characters.

— — —

Read a Sample

A blade could have sliced at my head with the way it ached. It hurt so much I might not even fight a weapon aimed at me. Not that a blade could kill me.

I sighed and stretched. The mattress crinkled with the movement. Gray light filtered in through a stone window. Birds heckled each other, their squalling echoing around the shadowy room.

“Blergh.” I moaned and rolled over.

Someone lay in bed with me, their dark form rising and falling with their breath, blankets tucked over their head.

I groaned again and eased off the mattress, stumbling across my bedroom, the cool touch of the stone biting at my bare feet. 

Grabbing the bucket of water that sat inside the doorway, I cupped a handful and splashed it over my face, the droplets dripping down my chest and speckling the floor. A bronze looking mirror hung on the wall, and I peered into it, ruffling my hand through my coarse curls to tame them.

A silver glow emanated over the surface of my skin.

It had returned so soon.

I clenched my jaw and pushed my powers out.

The glowing diminished, a veil slipping over my features, softening the sharp edges, muddying the golden eyes to a standard brown, reducing the height and broad shoulders, giving a matte texture to the light brown of my skin.

And otherwise wiping away the visual signs of a deity.

I pressed my fingers to my temples, drawing the headache out. 

Snagging the ivory tunic off the hook on the wall and slipping it over my head, I stepped out into the hallway, clipping down the stairs and into the kitchen to pluck an apricot out of a bowl. I strode towards the open door where sunshine and a spring breeze trailed in.

“Not so fast.”

Shit. I was supposed to be veiled as a house attendant. What would they be doing right now? Well, they wouldn't have snagged fruit off the counter. I tucked the apricot behind my back as I turned around. “Yes, mistress. Can I help you?”

Temi crossed her dark arms over her plum tunic, her lips pinched, her eyes darkening. “Don’t think you fool me with that cheap magic, Apollo.”

I clicked my tongue. “Cheap doesn’t quite feel fair. I’ve all but perfected this trick now.” I winked.

Her frown deepened. “You’re supposed to learn the powers of a deity, and the only one you’ve mastered—the only one you’ve even tried—is disguising yourself to not look like a deity. Do you know what that sounds like to me?”

I snagged my sandals and pulled them on. “A failed plan since you recognized me anyway.”

She rolled her eyes, her ebony braids scraping her shoulders. “Like someone who doesn’t know who they hell they want to be.”

I thrust a finger in the air. “That’s where you’re mistaken. I know exactly who I want to be. Not a god.”

“So, you’re an idiot fighting your fate?”

“With a vengeance. Is there anything you need? I was leaving.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Are you leaving here before your companion even wakes?”

I shrugged. “You know, I have so many plans. I just don’t have the time to lie about waiting all day.”

“I’m sure.”

I cocked my head to the side. “Do you think you could escort her, or him, or them… whoever it is, out?”

Temi’s arms dropped, and she clicked her fingernails against the wooden work table. “Are you seriously going to tell me you don’t even know the gender of who you slept with last night?”

“It all blurs together over time, you know?”

“Actually, I don’t.” She made a noise in her throat. “Thankfully.”

“Some of us enjoy sex.”

I turned, but she reached out and snagged me. “What you say is true. Some people enjoy sex. But you aren’t one of them.”


“Don’t ‘Temi’ me.” She jabbed a finger into my chest. “You know why it all blurs together? Because it means nothing. Because it doesn’t satisfy you. You can drink and party and sleep around all you want, and it will always leave you feeling empty inside. What you need is a real connection and a real purpose in your life.”

I groaned. “Yes, Father. May I go play outside now?”

Her features scrunched together. “Do not even teasingly compare me to your father.”

“Gods. Noted. Why are you so pissy today?”

She grabbed a clay bowl and smacked it down hard enough against the table that it clinked. “So, you forgot about this evening, did you? Why does that not surprise me?”

I paused. “What’s today?”

She dumped flour into the bowl, puffs of it rising like a fog around her hands. “The convoy?”

My heart leaped into my throat. “My father comes?”

She blew out a breath. “Thank the gods, no. It’s just Ares.”

“See.” I laughed. “Nothing to worry about.”

She snagged an egg out of a basket and cracked it against the side of the bowl. “Yeah, your brother who can start a war by raising an eyebrow. Nothing to worry about.”

“Temi, relax some. Come on.” I stepped towards the door again.

“Are you seriously still going to leave after I just told you Ares is coming?”

I placed my hands on the stone door sill. “He’s coming for dinner, isn’t he?”

“Well, yes, but—”

“Then I have plenty of time.” I tossed her a smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back by dusk.”

I stepped out into the golden sunshine of the day, but her voice carried to me as she yelled, “Apollo, I swear! And don’t expect me to handle this person in your bed. I’m your sister, not some attendant of yours.”

I chuckled and snatched a bite of the apricot. The juice dripped down my chin, and I wiped it away with the back of my arm. The golden sun stretched over the ridge, tossing out its warmth over the valley. A field of early blooming lavender danced in the wind, the purple flowers twirling and pirouetting around each other. 

I eased down the hill and turned the corner at an apricot orchard. Clusters of the fruit, like a million miniature suns streaked in golds and oranges, were tucked in between the emerald of the leaves, splashing the world with their colors. 


⚔️ Enemies to Lovers

💕 Forced Proximity

☀️ Apollo as a Main Character

🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Romance

👑 Immortal God x Human Prince

🫂 Found Family

🥀 Tragic Original Myth

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